Won't open any more after purchasing

Well, now that i’ve entered my name and the serial # I can no longer run Scrivener unlike the trial version. The trial version had far less than 30 days of use and I looked forward to using the software without worrying about it becoming inactive. I updated the trial version first before making my purchase. I got the message on screen that the full version was activated before discovering that I could no longer open the program, and this even from Windows Explorer rather than simply using the desktop shortcut.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble! Could you explain exactly the steps you’re taking to open the program and what happens? Do you get any error messages? You can take a screenshot of any messages using the PrintScreen key, then pasting into MS Paint and saving as a file to attach here.

One issue might be that it is attempting to open your most recent project and that the project is for some reason not opening correctly; in that case, we’d want to focus on fixing that project but Scrivener itself may be perfectly fine. If you can recall what project you’d left open last time you closed Scrivener, try navigating to that in Windows Explorer and changing the folder name, e.g. from “My Novel.scriv” to “My Novel PROBLEM.scriv”. The changed file path will prevent Scrivener trying to automatically load it on launch and that may get you then to the New Project window, where you can create new projects, etc.

This has been resolved. I believe this may have been due to Adobe Reader attempting to update automatically at the same time I was attempting to start up Scrivener. Got no error messages when it wouldn’t open. Was attempting to simply open the program after purchasing full version rather then opening a specific project.

Ah, good, glad it’s sorted. Thanks for purchasing!