Won't Open At All (But Not Crashing?)

Scrivener was working just fine, except one day it totally froze, so I used Force Quit to shut it down. Ever since, I’ve been unable to open it. When I try to open it, the Scrivener icon shows up on the task bar, but nothing ever opens, and I’m unable to click on the menu bar at the top of the screen. (It did change to Scrivener at first, but after reinstalling it doesn’t change and just shows Chrome or whatever I had open before.) Right-clicking on the icon brings up the little Scratch Pad/Options/Quit thing, but I can’t quit from there. To get it to close, I have to go into Activity Monitor to force quit it. Scratch Pad will come up, say it needs to create a folder or something, but I can’t click Okay, close, anything, it’s completely unresponsive.

I’ve tried: reinstalling, deleting the file in Library/Preferences

It doesn’t create any crash log or anything like that.

I tried downloading the old version of Scrivener (1.54), and it actually installs and opens and I can use the trial. It won’t let me register it (probably because I purchased it after it was retired) and when I try to update to 2.0, it says it will install & restart, but it never restarts.

Okay, a bit more info. I’ve tried uninstalling (using appcleaner), restarting, reinstalling with a fresh download of the app. Still no dice.

But, I tried to open the application by opening a Scrivener file, and something different happened.

One very small file (it has about a page of text) will open, but be completely unresponsive. Cursor blinks, that’s it. Another file, a bit bigger than that (maybe 10 pages), gives me a message about how the file is already open. I’m pretty sure that’s the file i was using when it originally crashed. The dialogue (about whether to open it or make a copy) is unresponsive. My NaNo from last year will start to open, but the progress bar stalls at about 25%

So, I’m not sure if that helps.

Also, I saw the threads about how it could be QuickTime related, but my QuickTime is working just fine, I can open it, play video files, etc. There don’t seem to be any problems with that.

Oh, and when I reinstall it and try to open it, I get the pop up about whether to check for updates automatically. And THAT pop-up actually does respond. Doesn’t seem to make a difference which option I pick, though.