Won't Save

Hey all,

I adore this program. I think I just made a huge mistake. I emptied my trash and the install may have been inside?? The program will no longer allow me to save, so I am terrified to close it. I do have a back up as of yesterday on my external, but did a ton of writing-with saving today. HELP!

Is it possible I need a new download? If so, I am going to lose everything I have so far?

You help is greatly appreciated…somewhat urgently.

Sheri :open_mouth:

When you say it won’t let you ‘save,’ what exactly do you mean? Is the ‘Save’ option grayed out, or can you select it but it just doesn’t do anything? Scrivener, by default, saves automatically when you stop typing for a few seconds. Is the red ‘close’ button in the top left corner blank, or does it have a dot in the center? If there’s a dot there’s unsaved material, if there’s no dot it’s saved.

If something really is wrong and it won’t save, you may want to export the documents in your project so they won’t be completely lost if something happens to your Scrivener file.