word 2008 import problem (colored text)

I just wasted 30 minutes figuring out why scrivener had trouble importing a particular rtf file created by word. Turned out that importing works only after the color of all characters is set to black. With red letters in the file, importing does not work.

I cannot reproduce this - I just imported an RTF file saved from Word 2008 with red letters in it with no problems. Will TextEdit open the file in question? (Scrivener uses a modified version of the importers that TextEdit uses.) Could you send me a file that exhibits such problems to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? Also, did you check that the file definitely had the .rtf extension? If it didn’t, it may have got imported as plain text (in which case it would have looked like gibberish) because Scrivener needs the file extension to determine the type of file it is reading.

Thanks and all the best,