word and character count(s)?

I am going through the tutorial (steps 3-4) and do not see the word and character count(s) in the footer view or the full screen view (contrary to the tutorials suggestion). I am using the latest Scrivener 1.01.

Is there a preference that I may have mangled, or is there some way to get the counts? Or is the tutorial somehow out of date? If someone could tell me how to fix my Scrivener, I’d appreciate it.



Can you see the text? Have you accidentally selected outliner or corkboard modes (which will be highlighted in the binder if so)?

Have you accidentally entered a script writing mode? Go to Text > Mode and ensure that General is selected.

Is the footer definitely visible? Go to View > Layout > Show Footer View if not.

If none of these help, please tell me what you can see or post a screenshot.

All the best,


Keith thank you for the rapid reply. I am happy to report I was in Text->Mode->Stage Play. Everything was (and is) working smoothly as I’ve almost finished your excellent tutorial.

Thank you for “fixing” me and my errant usage.

Glad we worked it out!