Word/char count for each chapter/section during compiling

I’ve done a fair bit of searching for the answer to this since I can’t imagine I’m the first one to have this request; but alas, I found no answer. Hopefully someone can help me out here.

I’m using Scrivener for perhaps a different application than it’s intended, but it seems to be getting me 95% of the way there (and I see the amazing capabilities of Scrivener already, even having only toyed with it for an hour or two).

I currently use it for generating research pieces, but we have corporate template / guidelines that we have to follow with limits / goals for each section. Here’s an example:

Section 1: limit is 85 characters (the title of the piece)
Section 2: limit is 255 characters
Section 3: limit is 150 words
Section 4: Has 4 constituents (each one has a limit of 30 words)
Section 4a: limit is 30 words
Section 4b: limit is 30 words
Section 4c: limit is 30 words
Section 4d: limit is 30 words

When I compile, I want it to put everything together with the Title of each section (I figured that part out) followed by the word / character count [i]for that section[/i]. I’ve modified the section “suffix” to include <$wc> and <$cc>, but the problem I’m having is that it gives me the char / word count for the entire result from compiling - not the individual sections. So an example output I’d like to have is:

( words)

Title: (63 characters)
Lorim Ipsum …

Section 2 Name: (189 chars)
Lorim Ipsum …

Section 3 Name: (128 words)
Lorim Ipsum …

Section 4 Name
Section 4a name (26 words)
Lorim Ipsum …
Section 4b name (34 words)
Lorim Ipsum …
Section 4c name (19 words)
Lorim Ipsum …
Section 4d name (15 words)
Lorim Ipsum …

Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance. Hopefully I made my question clear enough. I don’t really know how else to search for the answer. I’m sure I’m missing something simple.