Word choices and replacements - Scrivener functionality

Hi, I may have missed a thread on this, but it’s something that has been frustrating me. In MS Word, I’m accustomed to the most obvious word substitutions (teh = the), but where there might be multiple options for the software to select, it leaves it up to me. And if a word is wrong, but spelled correctly, it’s up to me to find. I’m used to that.

I have found that Scrivener is going well beyond this. Scrivener is changing my words. Two examples from today: A character named Craddock became Braddock. “Inclusivity” became “inclusively.” I have, on several occasions, gone back re-read a paragraph I had just written, and found it included words I hadn’t written, which materially changed the meaning. I’ve watched it change a word I meant to use, and spelled correctly, to another word altogether.

I realize that I could turn off the auto-correct, or populate a personal dictionary with character and place names, but how far do I have to take it? And will that dictionary be available in my next project when I start new? What about the inclusivity example? Please help!