Word Count Across Multiple Projects

I often work on a few projects in one day and I like to keep track of my word count for all of them together.

So if I write 900 on one project, 250 on another and 600 on a third, my daily words written would be 1750.

I can do this manually but it can get time consuming if I haven’t started a new text/chapter.

Ideally there would also be somewhere to see word counts of each day from the past. I’m new to Scrivener, but from what I can tell there isn’t “Scrivener wide” features like this but I thought I could put it forward anyway.

If there’s some way to see this already, or even a “Today’s word count” for projects, please let me know :slight_smile:


Scrivener is very much built around a “project-centric” approach, and none of the projects know anything about one another, so this sort of thing isn’t really possible or within the scope of the program, I’m sorry to say.

All the best,