Word count and folders

I’m having trouble trying to figure out word count, specifically, how to find the word count of everything in a folder, or a certain number of folders together.

I have my draft organized into folders, which are the Chapters, and in each chapter I have a certain number of scenes.

When I look at each scene, I can see the word count of scene. But if I click on the folder that holds those scene, the word count says ‘O’.

I’m trying to divide my manuscript in parts, in order to perhaps make two books out of one, but to do that I want to know the word count of a bunch of folders together, ie what is the word count of chapters 1-10? The only way I can seem to do this now is to write down all the word counts of all the different scenes contained in those folders and then add them up, but that gets pretty tiring pretty quickly.

What am I missing here? Sorry if this is a dumb question… :frowning:

If you click on the folder in question, and then switch to Scrivenings mode (so the main editor window displays the entire folder as one long document) I think (he says!) that should display the total word count for the folder at the bottom of the screen then.

Hope that helps.

In Outline mode, you can add the “Total Word Count” column to get this information.

I’ve just checked - and yes - go into Scrivenings mode, click on your folder in the binder and the total word count for the folder will be displayed.

Ah! Scrivenings mode did the trick, thanks! Also tried the Outline mode - adding the Total Word Count column also helped.

Thanks a lot. Now back to slashing… :unamused: