word count and footnote issues

I am sure this is completely basic, but can someone tell me two quick things please? a) does the word count in a scrivener document include footnotes when you’re writing in the main ‘view mode’ and it has the word count at the bottom of the screen? And b) when compiling as a pdf document, is there a way of getting the footnotes at the bottom of each page rather than listed in one group at the very end of the document?

Any thoughts much appreciated!


The word count at the bottom of the screen counts exactly what is in the editor, so if the footnotes are in the inspector then it doesn’t count them, but if you are using “inline footnotes” then it does.

Regarding footnotes in PDF, please see my response to the same question from earlier today here:


(In short, you need to export to RTF and create the PDF from a dedicated word processor for end-of-page footnotes because Scrivener is not a layout program.)

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