Word count and "marked for inclusion"

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I’m planning to start using Scrivener in earnest soon (I LOVE what I have seen so far.) I have a question about word counts – and so sorry if I’m asking a question that’s already been asked! I did a search and couldn’t seem to find the info.
According to the word count under Project Statistics I have about 16,000 words … but then I notice on the Options tab a few choices, including “marked for inclusion.” I’m confused … which am I supposed to select if I want to count the words in my manuscript only? Because I have tons of other documents in my project relating to research (photos, web clippings, etc.) and I want to make sure those are NOT counted in the total word count.

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The Draft word and character count in Project Statistics will only count what words and characters that will be part of the final draft. It counts exactly what you would get if you went to File > Compile Draft to compile your manuscript - changing the settings in Compile Draft can thus affect the count.

The “marked for inclusion” option only affects the selection statistics. That is, there are two sets of statistics in Project Statistics - one for the contents of the Draft folder (your actual manuscript) and one for any documents you have currently selected in the binder. The “marked for inclusion” option only affects the latter, determining whether or not documents that have “include in draft” checked get counted.

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I think I understand … but I’ll definitely post again if I don’t!

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The term “Project Statistics” is a little misleading—“Draft Statistics” would be more precisely.

The statistics exclusively refer to what’s in the Draft folder (i. e. your manuscript), not the reference material!

To understand what the options mean take a look at File/Compile Draft which is one of the main features of Scrivener: Under Content you can chose which parts of your manuscript become a part of the draft you want print, export, or whatever. There might be reasons for excluding some parts of the manuscript in the Draft folder.

The statistic options allow you to count words etc. in all documents in the Draft folder wether they are included in the output or not, or either one of them.

What? It did take me 30 minutes to come up with my answer to this? I knew I were slow but this slow …?

No, not really, because “Draft statistics” is only half of it. Project Statistics shows the statistics for the Draft, yes, but it also shows the statistics for selected documents, which could be anywhere in the project, including outside of the draft.