Word count and progress bar in Footer

Okay, I’ve searched the manual and the commands.

In Scrivening View
When the Manuscript folder is selected in the binder

In a project I recently finished, the footer bar displayed actual word count and target word count. It also shows a progress bar.

My new project doesn’t show either.

Where do I go to turn that on?
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[MacOS 11.2.1 // Scrivener for MacOS 3.2.2]

Have you assigned a target?


Yes, 85,000.[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 8.12.17 PM.jpg[/attachment]

That’s the manuscript target, but have you set targets for the specific documents included in this Scrivenings session? Those are the values that appear in the footer.

See Section 20.1.2 in the manual for more information.


No I do not set individual folder targets,
This was with Manuscript folder selected in the Binder, not an individual folder.

I did not set individual folder targets for the project that DID display the target word count.

You can use the Outline view to see what targets you have set for which documents.

As I said, the target shown in the footer is derived from the document targets.


I have a PROJECT (word count) GOAL, not DOCUMENT (word count) GOALS. I don’t set word count goals for each individual folder/chapters, The chapter ends when everything that I want to happen does, regardless of the number of words.

I guess I will mark this down as yet another thing that changed between the previous version and the current version of the software. Because it worked before and doesn’t now,

Yes, I understand what you’re saying. Without looking at the project, though, I can’t say what might be different between the two. Aren’t both screenshots from Scrivener 3?


Yes, Currently running Scrivener 3.2.2. Not sure what version was used to create the projects.

For this, it doesn’t matter what version created the projects, as the same version is being used to edit them.


So, my solution is to create a non-compiled document at the top of the binder titled Word Count . Now when I select Manuscript folder in the Binder, the total word count and project goal appear.
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Thanks to all. Sorry for being a pain in the butt.