Word Count and Session Target at 0

My word count in the draft and the progress towards my target both show as 0 even after I type and on existing projects that I’ve had for a while. Statistics has no problem returning the proper count. This was only happening in a couple projects at first but has since spread to all but a new project I made on this version that has yet to get closed and reopened.

Version: Beta (955095) 64-bit - 13 Jun 2020

Have you compiled the project at some point having selected specific documents? This happened to me recently and it turned out that I was working on documents that weren’t in the compile settings.

I’m using a mac but I’m guessing it should be the same for windows.

I have. I often use selected documents to extract our chunks at a time for my workshop group. I think it’s still a bug though. This didn’t used to happen in the prior RC even though I had the same behavior. Plus, that would be a serious annoyance to have to go back and compile from the whole draft after each time I want to share a portion of it. :frowning: I will give the workaround a try though.

I just hit save on the compile with the whole document selected and noticed some funny behavior. Before closing, I got the attached word count history. 39K is the whole length of the manuscript and you can see it has that added in and then the amount of that written in prior days is a subtraction in other. When I closed and reopened, I now only see the thousand or so words that I’ve written today in the “other” section. Also the top bar now shows the right count. So what’s weird, other than the information not being correct in the top bar sometimes, is I haven’t written at all outside the draft today. And statistics shows that the words are in the compile section. I see my history shows a lot in other, even though that is true of most other days. The writing history is proving not so reliable, which is a bit frustrating when I’m on a word count challenge.