Hi, how exactly do I see the word count for the entire document (minUs front matter)? I saw a code which I can add to the title page to list the count. But I want to see without having to print the entire document.


Also, the stats for my document say words 0 when I have written 19 chapters. How do I get the stats updated?


FYI: I create a folder, then text document. I name the folder the name of the chapter, but type the chapter within the text document.

If this is not the correct way to use for a novel, I’d appreciate a response. Maybe this is keeping me from the total word count?

You will probably find the Project/Project Statistics… menu command to help with a lot of this. In the top half is the draft output, or what you get when you compile. Note that will include front matter if you have already set that up in the “Contents” compile pane (or the summary tab if you’re using that). So if you don’t want to see that, just simply go in there and disable that checkbox, you don’t really need it on until you compile anyway. Note you can save your compile settings without compiling, by holding down the Option key, which will convert the Compile button to Save.

In the second half of that statistics panel is a “Selection” area. This just counts whatever you have clicked on in the Binder, it can even be outside of the draft area entirely. So that is one way to get a chapter count, but an even easier way in my opinion is to simply click on the Draft folder itself and switch to Outliner mode (View menu). Here you can add a “Total Word Count” column which will count up the contents of folders and display a summary at the top level. Thus if you have 19 folders in your Draft, you should see them all here each with a count beside them.

I don’t know, what is the actual dialogue box name or menu command that you used? Generally speaking though, keep in mind what I said about about the Project Statistics panel showing you what you have set up to compile. If you open up compile and for some reason there is nothing in the Contents list, then the count will be zero. You probably wrote your book outside of the Draft folder entirely—no big deal, just select all 19 folders and drag them into the Draft folder. You’ll need them there to properly compile anyway.

To read up on all of the various ways you can pull statistics from the software, refer to §21.3, Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools, of the user manual PDF, starting on pg. 306.

There is no really “correct” way to use Scrivener. Some people put each chapter into its own file, and that’s it. They just have a flat list of files in their draft folder, not even a single subfolder. It sounds like that might be a convenient way to work, if you’re just putting one single file into each folder. Folders are usually going to be more useful if you have several files that represent a chapter (some people like to put each scene into its own file so every important section of the book has its own card). Other people might use dozens or even hundreds of files per chapter, with all kinds of depth and complexity. If you download a copy of our user manual project, you’ll see an example of how detailed you can get with this program if you need/want to take it that far.

For the most part it is up to you. One of the principles of this program is that it should adapt to how you think, and that as you learn how to use it better, it will only become a more malleable tool and better mirror your thought processes. You don’t have to follow some strict set of rules, even if you start with a template, those are at best just a form of “advice” as to how you can work.

Thank you for the detailed reply. It’s a lot to sift through. If any of the mentioned ideas work, I’ll let you know.


Hi, I followed instructions below and it does show the individual word counts for each text document. But it does not show a TOTAL for the entire document. That is what I’m trying to achieve,

Would love more suggestions as that puts me back where I was before; having to manually count each text document/chapter myself.


Count” column which will count up the contents of folders and display a summary at the top level. Thus if you have 19 folders in your Draft, you should see them all here each with a count beside them./quote]

For some reason, now the stats are working. Maybe because I added total word count to column? In any case, I see my word count. :smiley:

Thank you.

PS Now have to figure out why italicized text becomes underlined when I print manuscript as pdf. :neutral_face:

Check in the Transformations compile option pane, there is a checkbox there for converting italics to underscores and vice versa.

Glad to hear the counting stuff is making sense now. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thank you. :smiley: