Word Count at 4135 for a brand new project

I really really appreciate you going to all this trouble to help. This makes so much sense, I thought for sure I’d find it. But once again… nothing. But thank you again.
I’ve got a rebuilt template the Scrivener team helped with and started fresh. If it happens again, I might pull my hair out and throw the computer out the window. But then… I’d miss my deadlines and not fulfill my contracts … so probably not the best idea. :slight_smile:


The other thing you could do is when writing an article/blog post /assignment put in one folder and open in scrivenings view which will give a word count at the center bottom of the Editor window of the total words in the selected document.
So the word count for the project becomes irrelevant and the word count of the content you need is available. Look at setting word targets for a file to visually see how you are doing.

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