word count at curser point

I just discovered and downloaded Scrivener today, and I LOVE it! Thank you!! I did miss one feature that I often use in Microsoft Word–seeing not only the overall word count displayed, but the word count to the point where my curser is inserted. Also being able to select a paragraph or portion of text and see the word count just for that portion. Might be a helpful feature in include in the next update…

Thanks again for such awesome software!


Glad you’re enjoying it! You can already view the word count for the selection just by selecting some text - the word count at the bottom turns blue and shows the count for that selection. Thus, to show the word count for everything up to the cursor, just hold down shift+page-up (or shift-fn-up-arrow on a laptop) - this will select everything from the cursor to the top of the text. Once you’ve seen the word count, just hit the right arrow key to get rid of the selection and place the cursor back at the end of the selection.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

Thanks, Keith! I actually did discover the capability to count words in a specific selection as I continued using the program. Still loving it! Thanks again!