Word count at Manuscript level for iOS

Love the new iOS app for sure, but I believe it would be even better if the word count could be visible when looking at the entire Manuscript folder so you can judge the progress of th overall document.

Unless I have missed something (very likely), I can see the word count in each individual document which helps me to hit my target for a scene/chapter in a novel, but given that outcome is hit and miss, being able to see the overall amount of words will help me hit the overall novel target.

I totally understand that the app has only been out a matter of moments, but I wanted to contribute what I hope you will see as a constructive suggestion - my gushing positivity has already been left on the App Store for the world to see.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Graeme,

The total word count for the manuscript can take a second or two to calculate for long manuscripts, so it could cause a little slowdown if it were always visible. However, you can get it at any time by tapping on the document word count.

You can also get it by compiling - the compile preview shows the word count at the bottom. The count will differ between these two methods. Tapping the document word count will bring up the total word count of all documents in your Draft folder. The Compile word count will include any titles that have been added curing Compile.

All the best,


Brilliant! Tapping on the doc word count is just the function I was looking for.

You are a truly great man!!