Word Count by Doc/Scene - Low Priority

While trying to manage and (roughly) equalize the length of each scene/chapter in a novel, the thought occurred that a textual (or better, graphical) display of the relative word counts for all (or specified) documents and folders would be a handy tool. That analysis would be especially valuable with “Show overrun” highlighting included, which I’m eagerly anticipating in the imminent release of 3.x for Win.

On a related note, a macro/scripting language would allow a knowledgeable user to build such a tool. Of course, it would also increase your tech support load exponentially.

Thanks for your dedication and excellent software.
(That’s serious appreciation, but a little brown-nosing never hurts, eh?)

Best Regards,
Jon McManus

Hi Jon,

From Outline view, you can add the Total Word Count column, via the pull down in the upper right of each Editor.

This will provide # of words per document in the Outline view.

If you break your scenes up by document, and then group a chapters worth of scenes within a folder, I think this gives you what you want.

If you’re already aware of this and are asking for something different, please clarify. :slight_smile: