word count column in outliner

I understand that the footer will only show me the document’s word count excluding footnotes and comments, unless clicked on. However, Keith advised me that Outliner can show the absolute wordcount. I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to do this. My columsn in Outliner are “words” “total words” “target” and “total target”. In “total words” it give me the word count without footnotes, as in the editor. how do I change this? In “project statistics”, I ticked “count footnotes” and unticked “exclude footnotes”. So I’m really runnign out of ideas here… :frowning:

Hmm. I’ll let people more expert than I weigh in, but I think that may be a bug. I see the same behavior, so as far as I can tell you’re doing everything right.

Moving this thread to Bug Hunt forum.


Sorry, where did I give that impression? :blush: The word count in the outliner just gives the same word count as at the bottom of the editor, for the sake of speed, so this isn’t a bug.

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Actually, Keith, you didn’t :confused: . I confused project statistics with the outliner (which I always consider as giving me “the statistics” at a glance, so it was a mess-up of terminology on my part). Sorry for the confusion!