Word Count Confusion

I’m not getting the results I’m expecting when I choose to view Project Statistics. This shows the structure of my project, and the options I’ve chosen for Project Statistics:

I would like to see the word count for all the documents in the manuscript. However, the count stays the same even if I add some new words to one of the documents.

What am I missing? I know I had some confusion about this in the past, but I don’t remember the resolution.



Experimenting a little more, I see that if I select “Manuscript” in the binder, and choose to see Project Statistics, the the “Selection” part shows the number I’m interested in.

So what is that number in the top half, under “Manuscript”? It never seems to change.

OK, I remember now. This is the word count based on your compile settings.

Wow, that’s a problem, because a writer may not even think about compiling a project until almost done with it. Or, as happened with me, he/she might only a chapter for submitting somewhere, and be puzzled about the word count.

There may be a bug here, since I selected “Count All Documents,” which means “Count all documents: In this context, all documents means: regardless of whether the document meta-data flag, “Include in Compile” is on or off.”

When I do that, it still only counts documents marked for inclusion in the compile.

The easy fix for this, and the one that would have prevented this thread, is to change the wording in the dialog from “Manuscript” to “Manuscript (for documents included in the compile)” and from “Count only documents marked for inclusion” to “Count only documents marked for inclusion in compile.”

To me, “marked for inclusion” meant “selected.”