word count confusion

I’ve noticed I seem to be getting different wordcounts from different parts of Scrivener on a book project. If I call up ‘project statistics’, with ‘all documents included’, I get a word count of about 121,000 words. Underneath that, under ‘selection’ it says 123,800, which is fair enough, since then it’s also counting the annotations I guess, which I know come up to about two and a half thousand words.

On the other hand, if I look down to the bottom of the screen, the self-adjusting word count reads at just under 126,000 words!

I thought maybe I’d accidentally clicked ‘do not include’ on a chapter in the inspector sidebar, but I’ve gone through every one of them, and they’re all included. In the 'project statistics/options window, I’ve set it to exclude annotations and footnotes (there are none of the latter, though), so I’m finding a discrepancy of a good couple of thousand words.

I know this is almost certainly some abject failure on my part to use the software properly, but is there anything really startlingly and obviously dumb I’m doing that could explain such a large discrepancy?

The draft word count gives you the count as though the whole thing has been compiled - titles and anything else you have set up to be included in the Compile Draft sheet all included.

The selection word count counts the words of the selected documents, including/excluding annotations/footnotes depending on the options.

The live word count counts the words in the current document and always includes annotations and footnotes.

I hope that clarifies things a little!