Word Count difference in Word and Scrivener

I looked but couldn’t find an answer to this.

I used Scrivener for the first time for Camp NaNo.
There is a 147 word count difference between Word and Scrivener. With Scrivener having more

I wasn’t sure how to validate so, I did the control a, control c and copied the manuscript into Word. Then took the Word version and copied it into the NaNo validator.

I was wondering if I had done something wrong or why there was such a difference in the count.

Thanks so much for the help.
Tambra Kendall-Sas

That’s pretty much unavoidable when your working with different word processors. Both Scrivener and Word use an automated script to count words and because there are differences in how each counts those words, the count end up being different.

Hello Tambra,

There is nothing new in this.

Different pieces of software (editing, especially) will put in different methods of counting words.

For example:

12/10/2013 is considered 3 words in Scrivener, but only 1 word in Microsoft Word.
1212-232322 is considered 2 words in Scrivener, but only 1 word in Microsoft Word.

So, if you’ve put in dates or pin codes, or telephone numbers with what Scrivener thinks are word separators, it will count them as separate words, as above, thus, possibly giving you a HIGHER word count than MS Word.

For precisely THAT reason, nanowrimo states that you can, and should, use THEIR method of counting words.

Also, there are tools (especially for the Mac) that will count words (which are compatible with NaNoWriMo method of counting).

I don’t recall WHERE, but somewhere on the Nano site, there is a methodology given on how it counts words.

Cheers – ZG