Word count differences - an encore

I’ve read several posts about this issue I’ve found on this board from all the way back to 2010, but none of the suggested solutions resolved it for me.

I recently linked Aeon to my Scrivener project and for the next chapter I was writing, I used Aeon to create the scene documents. In Scrivener, the resulting documents are, by default, NOT checked to be included. I didn’t know this. Part through writing in my first linked document, I noticed the word count not increasing in the Project Target window, which I always keep open when I’m writing. I quickly found that the aforementioned box wasn’t checked, and from that point forward, the word count increased as I typed as normal. Brilliant.

But what happened to the words I typed before it? Were they lost from the word count forever?

I checked project statistics and found the “accurate” word count included the missing words in the count. The fast count, however, was equal to the word in the Project Target window. A-ha! I put two and two together and came up with what I thought was four. But how to get the “fast” count updated? I had no idea.

I tried several things, including “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” and cutting all text in the document and pasting it back, but it did nothing. The slow count and the fast count are forever (?) different.

Is this a bug or a feature? How does one force a “slow” count so the project target count is correct?

P.S. Aeon linking has another anomaly, which I’ve commented on in a related post.