Word count differs in Project Statistics and

I’m trying to figure the word count in my draft folder, and I’m confused because I’m seeing different results.

Scrivener is telling me:
37,000 words in the bottom “statistic” bar below my text.
63,000 in “Draft” in Project Statistics
110,000 in “Selection” in Project Statistics

I think the stats bar at the bottom of the screen is only telling me what visible items I select in the Binder (so no closed sub-folder items).

But when I’ve selected only some of my draft folder items (and nothing else), in Project Statistics it shows me having more words in my selection than in my whole Draft. How is that?

I think the Selection count is probably what I want, including all the subfolders that I want from within my draft folder. But what is the “Draft” statistic? “Current compile group only” is not selected, so what is it leaving out, and why?

Just wondering. I looked around in the forums and the manual but couldn’t figure it.

  1. Word count in the footer: This shows a basic word count for the pages loaded in the Editor. Generally this is a single document, but if you load multiple documents in a Scrivenings session it will be their cumulative count. This will include all inline annotations and inline footnotes.

  2. “Draft” in Project Statistics: This uses your compile settings to provide a word count. You can limit the count to only the current compile group (whatever is selected in the “contents” pane of the compile options), and you can select here whether to include the footnote count, but otherwise the statistics are calculated off your current compile settings. For example, if you are currently compiling only synopses and titles, your count here will include only synopses and titles, not body text. Annotations and inspector comments will be included or excluded based on your compile settings, etc.

  3. “Selection” in Project Statistics: This does not go off compile settings, thus more options for refining the count are provided here.

(The manual goes into detail in §21.2.3 and §24.13.)

In your case, although you may have the same group of documents for both “Draft” and “Selection,” your compile settings are presumably filtering the count of the Draft: you may not be including the text of all the documents or counting annotations, etc. Which count you should go with depends on what you want to include, and you can adjust the settings for the “Selection” count to get a more accurate number if you don’t want to change the compile settings. (The “Draft” count will always be more accurate for the actual compiled manuscript, but obviously if you’re at a stage where you’re regularly compiling an outline or small selections of text, you may not want to fiddle with your settings just to get a different count via Project Statistics. You can always save your compile settings so you can switch around, but if refining the statistics for “Selection” gets you a sufficient estimate then it’s certainly easier to just select or deselect options in the Statistics pane.)

Does that help to clarify?

That is very helpful, thanks!