Word Count Disappeared (NOT in scriptwriting mode)

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener. My word count disappeared a few days ago. Now I can only see the word count on each individual document, but not on any of the folders or the manuscript as a whole. I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find an answer. The suggested fixes didn’t apply - I’m not in scriptwriting mode, I can see my footer (it says 0 words on all my folders), and I didn’t change any settings before the word count disappeared, except for backup preferences.
Please help. Thank you!

The word count on folders would be zero unless they contain textual content (in the folder text itself, not in its subdocuments). Could it be as simple as just having switched out of scrivenings mode? In scrivenings mode, when you click on a folder, the text of all subdocuments of that folder are shown in the editor too. If you turn off scrivenings mode (and aren’t showing corkboard or outliner mode either), then only the text of the folder will show - which may well be empty if you aren’t typing into the folder text in your project. So you may just need to turn scrivenings mode back on.

All the best,

Thank you KB. Problem solved! I must have clicked on outline mode by accident and when I got out of it, I didn’t turn scrivenings mode back on. Now I can see the word count on everything again. Yay!!!