Word count discrepancy

I’ve just upgraded to V3 and transferred my work across… but there’s a strange discrepancy in the word count that is doing my head in. Basically, V3 is counting lower than V2. Over a 50,000 word doc it is giving me a word count of 200 words less than V 2. Each sub-section is also out - in each section of approx 1000 words the new version “loses” between 10 and 20 words. I’ve compared a few sections word by word and they are identical! Any idea what’s going on? Anyone else found this? Which version do I believe? :slight_smile: Thanks…

I don’t know what thread it was in, but soon after It was released Keith (the developer) mentioned that Scriv3 uses a slightly different algorithm for word counts. Something to do with hyphenated words, things like that. I’ll try to find the original post and link here.

Edit: here it is

Thank you so much for explaining this. I didn’t realise word-count algorithms differed. So I am very relieved to know I’m not losing or gaining precious words! Appreciate your help.

You’re very welcome.