word count discrepency

I’ve just copy and pasted a document written in one Scriviner file into a Word document (so that I can use EndNot) and the word counts between the two do not match (Scriviner: 8,118; Word: 7,909). I have never had a reason to doubt Word’s accuracy when it comes to word counts, so there seems to be a problem with how Scriviner is adding them up. it’s not really a problem, but it’s perhaps worth noting.

(Scriv 026, Win 7)


Word counts do differ between programs because there are a lot of different algorithms that can be used for counting words and what counts as a word–some programs won’t recognize certain punctuation and will count, for instance “word–some” as one word because there’s no space between it. So discrepancy between programs really isn’t unusual.

That said, how are you getting your word count from Scrivener? If you’re using the word count in the editor footer, that will count everything visible in the editor, so if you have annotations or footnotes they’ll be included, whereas if when you bring them into Word and the annotations convert to margin notes, those will no longer be included in the count. (I’m not sure whether footnotes are counted or not; I’d need to check.) If you’re getting the count from Project Statistics, that’s set up so that it counts words based on your compile settings, which means if you’re compiling titles or prefixes, you’ll get added words from that which you might not have if you just copied and pasted from the editor into Word.