Word count doesn't show

Thanks for the latest iteration of Scrivener Beta. I rely upon the word count that has been displayed at the bottom of the editor window. It disappeared when I installed the new beta (.25). Is there a hotkey to turn that feature on or has it disappeared from Scrivener’s functionality?

Lee posted in the original beta thread that when the new version is downloaded it hides the footer view. So you just have to turn that back on. You can do that by going to View => Layout => Show Footer View.

Or you can also do the shortcut of Control-Alt-down

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I tried Ctrl-Alt-down and it flipped my display orientation 180 degrees! But the layout view change worked. I read all the release notes. why didn’t i remember this? Oh, I know. It’s because I’ve !!never had to change anything in scrivener’s UI before!!

Yes, I was shocked to see my display flip upside down. It’s good to know I’m not the only one reads half the information and then wonders why it doesn’t work. :blush:
Hot key is for new projects any existing project needs to use the view / layout/ show footer.

Thank you for posting this info… I use this feature all the time. Keep up the good work.


Brand new user here, probably missing something completely obvious but… I started a new project after completing the tutorial and went back to View/Layout/Show Footer (and header). I still don’t get a footer. I toggled on and off, checked Format/Scriptwriting to make sure I didn’t have a mistake there, but still no footer. Any suggestions? When I toggle the Header on and off, that works just not the footer. Thanks for the help!

Ha, so I exited the program, got a Windows error, then restarted Scrivener. I have a footer! Now if only I had an idea of what I wanted to write…

Thanks for the Windows version, it looks like fabulous software and I am excited about using it!!

farwyn - Hi and welcome to the boards! Sorry about the problem, but I’m glad at least it’s working now. My guess was that your project window was partially hidden behind the Windows task bar–there’s an issue that hasn’t been resolved yet where new projects create filling the whole screen size, including behind the task bar. If it happens again on another new project, try just clicking the “Maximize” button in the top right or dragging the edges in to resize and moving the window up a bit. You should see the footer then–even if the footer isn’t turned on in the editor, you’ll see a footer in the binder and the inspector, so you’ll know if that was the issue.