Word count export


To get per section word counts for the project I am working on, I have just set “Outliner mode” and added “Total word count” column in it. Thus, I got a table with sections and corresponding word counts. Now I need to export the table to work with the figures I got.

Is there a way to export the table to MS Excel? Or maybe there is another way to get the info exported for analyzing it?


Have you tried: Export -> Outliner Contents as CSV ?

Wish we had a similar CSV export for the full binder. With 8800 documents, expanding and selecting the full set in the outliner does not work.

I’ve been maintaining a word count “meter”, a unicode bar icon placed in front of doc titles in the epub TOC, to give an indication of the doc (or chapter) size. Kinda useful. It’s like cramming custom meta-data into compiled chapter titles, but external to Scrivener. Procrastinator’s dream.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, Jerome - it works like a charm.

Rather weird the project structure evaporated from the CSV - there is just one column named “Title” for folders, subfolders and text titles. Suppose to get a separate column for each structure`s level would be more consistent and easier to handle.