Word count feature as a list (per word; not total words)

I’ve been currently testing a few trial versions of various writing software (Scrivener is definitely my favourite so far -many others are so unwieldy), but there does seem to be one feature missing which I’ve found useful in other programs.

The ability for to see a word count of individual words as a ‘top ten/twenty’ list.
This would then show that you’ve used the word ‘just’ (for example) 186 times in your 2000 word chapter, and the word ‘batrachian’ 108 times - maybe you should replace some of those with another word. (Or stop reading so much Lovecraft)

This would also need to have an ‘ignore’ list; populated by default with the obvious choices: the, it, a, an, he, she, said, and, etc.

The ignore list could also be customisable on a Project basis so words like character names, places, objects, etc, could be input to avoid those clogging up the list.

I’m still using the trial version, so apologies if this feature is already well hidden somewhere. If so - fantastic. Just let me know where it is.

Would anybody else find this useful, to find those overused words that you love just a little too much? (Oops, just used ‘just’ again)


This is already available under Project > Text Statistics…, although there is no way of setting an “ignore” list - you just have to look through the list past the definite and indefinite articles, pronouns and suchlike.

All the best,

I knew something like that must be in there somewhere!
Thank you.

I suppose an ignore list isn’t that necessary.
But it could be handy :wink:

Thanks again.