Word Count for current session bug

Hi. This bug is similar to another but I don’t think it is the same.
If I cut and paste text from one scene to another, the word count goes up by the number of words cut and pasted. In other words, the words pasted are added to the total for the session, but the words cut are not subtracted.

I was able to reproduce, but it stopped doing it once I typed something (anything) in the source document.
I don’t know if it is a bug or if it was always like that, but if you simply type a letter than delete it first, it behaves properly afterwards.

Looks like the session target keeps track of which documents had text added to them during the said session, and ignores words being cut from the others. → [EDIT] I am not completely sure about that, as for some reason I can no longer reproduce the issue, no matter the project or document… ←

Also note that if your source document is excluded from compile it won’t register as negative. (Which is normal behavior.)

Guess is words count till one more undo from original file by typing inside file where words were cut from