Word count for more than 1 session?

I’m going into a writing weekend, and I was sitting thinking of which way to put my word target, when I just thought I should slip this by.

How about being able to put a project target for more than just a session? Like to a day or even a few days?

It’s just it would be really handy for me right now.

-shrugs- Maybe I’m just weird.

If I understand correctly, this is already a slated feature for down the line. Rather than always restarting the count at the beginning of a session, Scrivener will let you select if a “session” count should reset at midnight (so you could open and close multiple times a day but have it all count toward that day’s total), reset the next day the project is opened (so you can open and close multiple times a day and have it all in the same day’s count and if you leave it open past midnight it will continue using that count until you close and reopen the next day–convenient for those of us whose writing “day” is a little less conventional), reset on project close as it does now, or never automatically reset. With those options then you’ll be able to get what you want, where your your session target can last for your whole weekend.

While waiting for the feature update (which I presume is unlikely to be ready for the weekend), could you put all your writing this weekend in one folder? You could then still use separate documents within it, but viewing that folder in Scrivenings mode would also show you your word count.

Doesn’t help with the lack of awesomeness represented by the word count line not tracking your overall weekend targets, but if you use daily word counts, combined with a “weekend writing folder”, might you get most of the benefits?

Or you could note your total word count before starting, and then what it’s at afterward, and do the subtraction or use a spreadsheet. :slight_smile: