Word Count for paragraphs

Is there any chance to get the word count for the current paragraph displayed in the footer view? Currently, there is the word count for the entire (sub)document. Of course one can highlight the paragraph and then get the word count, but it would help to automatically see/know how many words a paragraph has already while drafting the paragraph instead of highlighting it time and again. So it’s basically ‘just’ the word count between two return key commands.

I am working on texts in which the paragraphs have a certain maximum length. A word count for paragraphs displayed in the footer would be very convenient. Particularly, since working with different zoom levels makes it sometimes a bit tricky to immediately guess the right word count.

Have you considered giving each paragraph its own document? You could use the split screen to view just the one document/paragraph in one editor, getting the limited word count in the footer, while viewing a Scrivenings session of the combined paragraphs in the second editor so you could still easily check context.

Many thanks for this reply. this is certainly an option, although - at least for my liking - it’s not more convenient than e.g. highlighting the paragraph and getting the word count immediately displayed for the part selected. I am aware that my request/suggestion was quite specific and relating to a minor detail, but I thought I jut put it out there. Thanks again.

In my Windows 7 computer, the way I solve this problem is to use the free WinSorter utility.:


Among the many WinSorter operations is Count selected characters, words, and lines

Cheers & hope this helps,

I, for one, find it more convenient. Much of my thesis consisted of single paragraph “documents”. For me, paragraph word count was not my motivation but when I did occasionally want to know, it was there. But what works well for one person may be a counter-intuitive performance drain for another.