Word count for selected text?

Recently purchased Scrivener and hoping to switch over to it from Microsoft Word. Also hoping to write a great novel some day… but that is another story! :slight_smile:
Anyway, I write for newspapers, and an important feature for me is the ability to see the word count of a selected patch of text. In MS Word it is straightforward - you simply select the text and the status bar at the bottom shows you the word count of it. Similarly, in Google Docs, a popup tell you total words and selected words.
However, even after going through various settings, I have not been able to figure out how to do this in Scrivener. All I see is the total word count on the status bar, but no way of figuring out the word count of selected text.
Does this feature even exist? Or have I been too blind to notice it? Ideally it would be great if this info showed up right next to the total word count.
Currently, I am copy pasting selected text to Word, to get the word count. Which seems rather clunky to me.

Hello Krumbs.
Select your text and then right mouse click with mouse pointer over the highlighted text and you will see the word count at the bottom of the right mouse menu. Good luck with your novel.

Thanks! This takes care of my issue.
And will certainly visit these parts to plug my novel, if and when it is written. :slight_smile: