Word Count for selected words?

So…I don’t know if this is already a topic or not. (Didn’t find it in the forum, even after searching for a whole hour)
But I’d like to adress something that’s very important to me but just an inconvenience that can be easily solved with other methods.

I really like to know how much words I write in a day and even if you can see, what you wrote in one session, doesn’t mean that’s everything you wrote in one day. I do sometimes have to go somewhere between writings and shut down my PC(energy saving and things). So my progress is lost. I just mark where I begann and copy paste it in another document to see how many words I wrote that day but it would be really, really cool if I could just mark it and it would tell me how many words there are in the section that I marked.

Don’t know if I’m the only one having this first world problem :laughing:

Word count of a selection can be seen at the bottom of the Editor pane. View → Editor Layout → Show Footer View if it’s not already visible. (Not available in script mode, which has a different footer.)

You can see the word count of an individual document in the Outline view.

Scrivener 3 has a Writing History feature that you may find useful.