Word count for Snapshots in the Inspector pane

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Over time, I end up with multiple snapshots of each scene file. I use the Inspector pane and the tab at bottom corner with the camera icon in order to view my list of snapshots. I’d find it really useful if there was a word count column between the Date and Title columns that showed the counts for each snapshot.

I’ve looked but cannot see a way to do it currently?

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You can always drag a snapshot to the header bar of the editor to load it into the editor; that way you can get a word count.

Thanks KB.

Only thing with that approach is if you’re looking for say the longest snapshot, the one you believe might contain some material you’d like to reuse, and you’ve got a dozen snapshots then…

What I’m wondering is, when the user asks for a Snapshot to be taken, if Scrivener could call a wordcount as part of the process and stamp that into the file along with the date/time as it already does. Then have that metadata displayed in the Snapshot pane in Inspector.

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I can see why this might be useful, so I’ll add it as a tooltip (adding an extra column will just be too crowded).
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Awesome, thank you KB