Word Count for Snapshots

I just discovered the Snapshots feature and love it. :smiley: It would be really helpful to be able to get a word count for Snapshots, to compare versions. (Perhaps there’s already a way to do that?)



Just drag the snapshot from the snapshots list to the header bar of the editor.This will load the snapshot into the editor (read-only), so you can then get the word count from the editor footer bar.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

As always, fast and easy! :smiley: The word count didn’t show up on my footer, but I was able to pull it up with Project -->Text Statistics. Many thanks. (I just love this software, by the way. I’m constantly discovering neat features.)


Huh, yeah that appears to be a problem that I can reproduce. Snapshots do not properly display statistics in the footer bar (initially). However there are two others ways to get a total:

  1. Cmd-A to select all of the text. While the base counter doesn’t work, the selection counter still does.
  2. If you have upgraded to 2.1, click on the statistics text. The pop-over will display accurate statistics for the snapshot.

Keith: after using method #1, the statistics in the footer bar calculate and show the right amount.

And you have to tell me this the day after 2.1 comes out. :slight_smile:

Heh. Next time I’ll test all 28,913 features.

Thanks. Method #1 works great. (I’m at the tail-end of a project so haven’t uploaded the newer version yet). :smiley:

I hope to get this fixed for 2.1.1 too.