Word count for specific font/style

I used to use Word for a lot of my scriptwriting, as I was able to run word counts on specific font styles to keep track of how much dialog I wrote, which was important when recording voice talent and other things. Basically, I had a style specifically for dialog, I’d select “Select all text with this font” and then word count.

Is there a way to mimic this in Scrivener?

I seriously doubt it. Scrivener doesn’t use styles and I’m not aware of any way to search for specific typefaces or fonts.

Yeah, as mentioned, not presently. That will be trivial to accomplish in the future however, once full stylesheets are implemented and you can do the thing you just described and get a select word count in the footer bar for all such styled text.


Understand that we can set a style for all dialogue and obtain a word count for that. Very, very useful.

Understand we can create different styles for different characters and then get separate counts for each character.

Will we be able to predefine styles and apply them automagically to different characters as we write, or will we need to write the dialogue, select it, and then selectively apply a unique style to each character?

I’d like to set one style for Ioa (a font colour of Portland blue, for example), one for Briar Kit (Barbie pink), one for Keith (Kernow black), etc in the project initially, and as I type a character’s name—to indicate who is speaking—I would like the style to be applied automatically.

Will that be possible?


Briar Kit

Thank you for your responses. I had wondered that it wasn’t currently possible, but since I tend to use Scrivener as it comes “out of the box”, I haven’t gotten deep enough into it to know better. :slight_smile:

I will look forward to the future releases!

More like the latter (though as with typing in italics or whatever, the sort of thing you can toggle as you type). As with most of the features in Scrivener, it will be a general purpose tool that is hopefully as useful to engineers as novelists. So nothing like a heuristic analysis of dialogue patterns and automatic character recognition. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you’ll have to speak in pink as an intentional statement.

Thanks, Ioa.

I really should have had your colour as amber.


Briar Kit