Word Count for tracking structure?

Is there a way for Scrivener to list the compounded (right word?) word counts of scenes so that I can see how my word count is fitting in with proper story structure?

For example, I use a spreadsheet to track word counts now, and where each chapter is in the story structure. That was I can look to see if, say, the midpoint is falling in the right place, word-count-wise.

I haven’t been able to find anything in the Outline screen or online about this. Is there a way to show progressing word counts?

Here is a pic of what I am doing in excel. I’m hoping I don’t have to update 68 scenes in excel…and continually update when I make changes…

I will add that I figured out how to export the Outline into csv to use in Excel and that is helpful.

Would be nice it there is an option to do it all in Scrivener… :smiley:

You can get the 3rd column by enabling the “total word count” columns in the outline, which will sum up the words written in a container and it’s sub-documents. When viewing the entire manuscript in the outline mode, you’ll get each chapter’s word count.

If you need the total word count for the manuscript folder, you can open up the project targets window (under the Project menu), but there’s no way for it to add up the cumulative words from the previous chapters for each and every chapter after 1, the way the 4th column in your example is working.

Unless I’m not following, I can get the 4th column by simply shift clicking the chapters in the binder and it will add them up that way.

Thank you both.

rdale-Thanks for confirming what I was guessing. :frowning: [And CUMULATIVE!, of course! :smiley:)

Umbrella- I have played with the shift+ right-click to see the total word counts, but I was hoping to see it all at a glance.

Must be a wish-list item then!

Oh, I see.

I use shift+left click and the total becomes cumulative along the bottom bar as you add items, but not all at once.