Word Count Goal Bar Continuously Loads[BUG LOGGED]

Before I enter a target, the green loading word count bar continuously loads from 0 to 100 percent over and over again as if it is trying to calculate. I would rather if I haven’t entered a goal for it to just stay on 0 or something because the continuous flashing is bothersome (and I don’t always have a clearcut goal for a specific section).

Thanks! This is again, minor. I love the program and am planning on purchasing it. :mrgreen:

Yes, this problem has been reported by various other users. It should end up logged at some point and will be fixed later.


Yep - if you look at the above thread, there is a workaround included there.

Merci beaucoup!

So far, having fun with Scrivener, but I’m having this problem too. I tried to fix it by going into “project targets” and setting numbers for both “Draft target” and “Session target,” but though the green word count goal bar in the project targets window itself stops counting (it freezes on a complete set of green bars for “draft target” and goes entirely blank for “session target”), in my document itself, the green word count goal bar keeps rippling back and forth, like it’s counting and uncounting. Very distracting when you’re trying to write.
I noticed it only started doing this after I imported a large, formatted file of quotations (around 8-10 pages long) into a research folder.
Also, the fact that the word count goal bar is green is a bit disturbing because it looks so similar to the green Firefox “page loading” bar, which is also located in the lower right hand part of my screen. Any chance it could be a different color?
Many thanks!

I have this problem too and my session goal doesn’t seem to work. I try to put something in for a session and it does not work. In essence the target stuff doesn’t seem to work as it should. :astonished:)

Seconded (or thirded, or whatever we’re up to). Additionally mine seems to reset itself at the beginning of each session. Now it just flashes continuously despite there being no word target.