word count history

I love being able to see the word count overall for the current project, and also for the current session. But it would be nice if Scrivener recorded word counts with time stamps so you could chart how many words you’ve written over the past week, month, etc. As it is now I have to keep track of word counts manually in an external spreadsheet because the session counts are lost when I close the program. And there have been times when the word count was lost because I forgot to write it down before closing the program.

I actually find word count counter-productive to my workflow. It’s quality, not quantity I yearn for these days…Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t even there, or at least I had the option to hide it.

Not judging, just sharing my process.

Keith resisted this idea for a long time, but in a recent post I’m pretty sure he said it’ll be in the next major update.

Indeed, although it’s something I’m unlikely ever to use myself, a writing history feature is part of the next major (paid) update.

Hold up…PAID update? I thought one didn’t have to pay for updates if you bought the software.

I take it you’ve never used MS Word, or any of Adobe’s products, etc? See here for an explanation of Scrivener’s pricing policy: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-for-ios-when/28765/334

No need to worry. I got confused with another app I have and their policies. Regardless, the pricing seems reasonable. Will have to see if the upgrade is worth it as scrivener seems to satisfy my needs as is.