Word count improvement

Being able to see both total and selected word counts at the same time and at all times, would be very useful to me.

I’m not sure if this is the same request as thewolfgang, but I would like to be able select part of a text document and see the word count for the selected text, like you can in Word or Pages. Pages for instance would say “44 of 200 words” in the footer bar.
At present, the “selection” word count in “project statistics” give the word count for the entire text document.
I write a lot of children’s reading scheme and picture book texts and it’s useful for me to know the word count for each page, but the texts are so short, it’s usually not worth breaking each page into separate documents.

Great piece of software though. Keep up the good work!

Dewlally - this is done for 2.0. In 1.x, if you want the selected word count, ctrl-click on the selection and you will see the selected word and character count at the bottom of the contextual menu.

thewolfgang - it will be implemented so that if there is a selection, you see the selected stats, if there is no selection, you see stats for the whole; you won’t see both at the same time, I’m afraid.

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Thanks Keith, the control-click tip is very useful. A footer bar count would be nice though!


Just to throw in my thought about word counting in Scrivener - I would love to see a live word count display as an option for full screen mode. I use full screen mode exclusively when writing, but I keep having to check word counts back in the regular view. Some kind of option to display a live word count would be great - not sure where it would go, some kind of floating panel like the other panel displays you can have in full screen mode.

Just a thought - looking forward to the next release!

Hi Adam, there’s no need to go back to the main window to get a word count in full screen - just drop the cursor to the bottom of the screen to reveal the control panel bar. That contains a live word count.

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Good point, and I must be blind not to have seen that!

But an actual floating window/widget/console, whatever you want to call it, would be the icing on the cake. Useful for those who use Scrivener for work purposes and need to hit a specific wordcount (maybe even by a specific timepoint).

So yeah, nice to have I guess, but you’re probably busy with way more important things in version 2.0!

Thanks for the quick response and get back to coding the update!! :smiley:

If you really want to keep it visible, you could just leave the cursor at the bottom of the screen - if you have typewriter scrolling activated, then the text you are editing should stay at the middle of the screen and not disappear beneath the control panel. I know it’s not the ideal solution if you really want it constantly visible, but the idea of the full screen mode is to have everything out of the way.

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The Project Targets window can be floated while in Full Screen. So, one can see Draft and Session word counts, if that helps you.


I might be hijacking this thread but I was wondering if we could have an audio notification when the word count have been reached in the Project Targets window .

I like the idea of writing to the bell - this isn’t an original idea as I got it from the StoryMill demo. This would be especially good for knowing if you’ve reached your session target without watching the word count constantly.


I did consider this, an I can understand that some will disagree, but to me it feels gimmicky. I also don’t like the idea of my computer pinging at me mid-sentence!

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Hi Keith,

StoryMill uses the option of a tickbox to turn on/off the function with a choice of sounds (I think you have a choice so you could have yours cheer!) so it would be an optional rather than a forced function - it’s just for those of us that take a sneaky look at the workcount can instead concentrate on writing and wait for the beep/buzz/scream etc instead.



For the literal-minded among you.



I would thinking checking the word count is necessary and better anyway. If you’re writing something that has to be 2,500 words, say, you will have a lot of editing to do if you just hammer away until you hear the buzz - you may only be halfway through. The word count is a better way of pacing yourself. Anyway, I’m not trying to tell anyone how to write; I’m just explaining why I won’t be putting this feature in Scrivener.
Thanks and all the best,

Well I tried.

Thanks for your consideration :smiley:

I’m just going to have to train a little monkey to watch my word count and ring a bell!



I just discovered the project targets feature and I’m finding it incredibly useful/motivating. The only improvement I could ask for is that the window blend into the full screen mode background a bit more, like the keywords and inspector palettes. That’s all.

Oh, one more. It would be nice if you could set short-term targets that span multiple sessions. For example, I might set a goal of 4,000 words. I’d be jazzed if I could do that in one sitting, but if I couldn’t, it would be helpful and/or depressing to see just how long it took me.

This could be accomplished with the addition of a time/date stamp at the initiating end of the existing session target display’s progress indicator. Then, if you choose to close the program before meeting your goal, you would be asked if you’d like to maintain your targets in your next session.

Of course this might suggest all kinds of reporting features—average rates of writing, calendar views, etc.—but that’s probably going too far.