Word Count in Corkboard View

Hey Guys,

Absolutely loving Scrivener. Thrown word into the gutter where it belongs (well actually only use it with endnote formatting - possibly room to improve scrivener on the referencing interactions with endnote?).

Not sure if anyone has suggested this, however, how about with articles that have individual word counts set, the word count info be displayed on the bottom of each card in the corkboard view? I know I swear by setting project and article word counts and always have to keep flipping between cards to see how each article is filling out. If there was some additional overview information in corkboard view, then this would absolutely kill the awesomeness of this already amazing software.

Hope this helps.


Have you played with the outliner view yet? It’s more like an expanded binder, where you can add columns for things like goals, and even put up a progress bar. It’s not quite the same aesthetic, but for a quick way to get that kind of overview, now, that’s the trick.

Thanks for the tip Amber. Going to have a look into the outline options now to see what else it can do. :smiley:

Admittedly, I love the cork board view and often find myself moving things around in planning stage. If there is any way to incorporate a tiny indicator for word count into cork view, I’d be ecstatic :slight_smile:

EDIT: I must have a broken copy ( as it refuses to save additional column selections and will not display any additional columns regardless of my selection… weird.

Are they perhaps off-screen? See if there is a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom.