Word count in Drafts for one book in a series?


I am writing a book sequel with both novels in one project. If I keep the completed book 1 and the WIP book 2 inside the Drafts folder then the word count includes all the words of book 1 when I really only want the total for book 2. Is there a way to set things up so that I can achieve this please?

FYI I am aware of taking book 1 out of the Drafts folder, which is what I’ve actually done but it takes longer to flip in and out when I’m double checking material included in the first book.

Alll help gratefully received.

Thanks in advance


Pretty sure you will need to take the Prev book out of the Drafts folder if you want the regular word count to just show the one. You could set up your Outliner columns so as to show a cumulative word count on each book subfolder though.

Personally, I would put something that substantial in its own top level folder – not in Drafts or Research

But something you said puzzles me. I can’t see why putting the older book out of Draft would make consulting it take longer. Can you say more about why that is? Addressing that may be useful to you as well.


There is no outline view with columns in the iOS version, is there?

I don’t use my iOS version for any heavy work, only plain writing, so my memory might be tricking me, but I seem to remember a kind of “short cuts” you can set up, to make it easier to jump between parts. Doesn’t that work with the Research part as well?

Good point. I was not cognizing that the OP was looking for iOS solns.

Thanks for the comments - and yes it is an iOS solution I’m seeking.

I do use quick references but I tend to only set them after I’ve been running a project for a while (to see which ones I need)… So when I traverse up and down the folder structure, leaving the Drafts folder represents more taps to me.

But yes, I should set up a quick link to the first novel as the feedback here clearly indicates that I can’t have both novels in the Drafts at the same time and have the word count I want.

Well, I guess this answers the question I had as well. Rats. I’ll have to keep subtracting the word count from book one when I’m on my ipad. Thankfully that isn’t too hard since book one is 112k.

Of course, it could be a bit more problematic when I finish book two and move onto book three, math is not one of my strong points… :open_mouth:

Set your word count goal to 112,000 + goal for book 2. Does that help? You could also add a blank document with the title “book1+2=___k” when you start on book 3, to remind yourself the number you want to subtract mentally.

Or you could just put the prev book(s) in separate top-level folders outside the Drafts folder as I suggested to the OP! Really don’t understand why this is not the simple, obvious solution. (What, one might wonder, are prevous books doing in the Draft folder of the current book in the first place?)

Also, it bears repeating that even with the funny set up of multiple books in the Draft folder, the single-book count is still available to you in Scriv on your computer via the Outline view as I suggested initially here.


There is no need to be so condescending.

For your information, there is also no need to go to ‘the outline view’ as you suggested on the OS version just to check the word count of my book two.

In the OS version, I have my second book selected so I can just hit the little ‘Targets’ button and it show’s me my word count goal for that book and the daily goal. Automatically excluding the word count of book one.

Obviously, the L&L crew thought it was a useful feature since they included it. Unlike you I thank them for that, its handy to be able to see the goals of my current selection without having to mess around.

Scrivener does not behave that way in iOS. I wondered if I was missing some setting so I came to the forum to seek an answer and found it.

Its not really a big deal, It would be nice but not necessary. L&L have always said that the iOS version does not & can not have all the features of the OS version. I accept that and trust what they have said. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

I am sorry if my contribution registered with you as condescending. Not my intent. You seemed to have concluded in your previous post that there was nothing to be done. Since you came to this discussion after some exchange with the OP had already happened, I thought it worth drawing attention to the easy solution that had fallen out of the discussion because it was – for no clear reason – rejected by the OP: namely, putting the other books in separate top-level folders.