Word count in 'Project Targets' issue

The number in ‘Drafts Target’ won’t go past 100,103 words. Viewing the drafts folder in Outline mode shows the proper word count, but the targets window has frozen on the 100,103 number. Any ideas?

Nevermind…I figured it out.

How are your options for the Project Targets set? If they’re based on your compile group and you recently changed your compile settings, that might be the issue. The outline will just show you the total word count for each bit; it doesn’t have the same options to refine it.

EDIT: Heh, nevermind then. :slight_smile:

I’d actually love to know how to do this, I can get word counts for each separate scene in my draft file, but can’t seem to get one for all of them. When I highlight them , it just switches to index cards.

If you want a word count for a selection of items, you can use scrivenings view to see them all as text instead of a corkboard (Cmd-1); you’ll get a counter at the bottom for the entire session. A more accurate tool is Project/Project Statistics which has a selection counter in it as well—with plenty of options in the Options tab for setting up the accuracy of that.

For the whole project, well that same statistic pane, or Project/Project Targets.

If what you want to view is summations for sections rather than arbitrary selections of documents, you could use the Outliner instead of corkboard (Cmd-3), and enable the “Total Words” column. Note this sums up the containers and their descendants. If you can’t see the container you won’t get a sum, so make sure you select one level up from the chapter/folder/whatever you want to view.

Thanks so much for the quick response! :smiley: