Word count in "project targets" not accurate

My project is over 50k words but when I go to Projects → Project Targets, it only displays the word count of my last document, which isn’t even 1k words. It ignores all previous documents in the project.

Are all of your documents nestled within the Manuscript/Draft folder? In Project Targets, you’ll see two targets: the target for the entire Manuscript/Draft folder (this is the first option and the name will match however the folder is named in the binder) and the session target. That first target should show everything in the Manuscript/Draft folder, so commonly if that isn’t happening, documents are perhaps underneath the folder but not hierarchically within the folder.

Yes, all the documents are nestled within the manuscript folder – but I just realised what the issue was. Because the new version of Scrivener ( won’t let me copy text from a document into MS Word without losing all the formatting, I had to start compiling the individual documents into MS Word instead, which means that I unchecked the “include in compile” box for all the other documents. I didn’t realise the total project word count doesn’t count documents that aren’t included in compile.

I just re-checked all the “include in compile” boxes, and the total project word count is accurate again.

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As for the target’s reported word count itself, simply uncheck this :


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