Word count in selection

When words are selected in the editor, It would be nice if the footer bar could somehow display the number of words in the selection.

Yup, that’s on the list. For the moment you can get the selection count by right-clicking on it. You’ll find the stats at the very bottom of the menu.

How great. Thank you.

I never noticed that. Is that in the documentation searching for [word count.]

Has that already been implemented on the Mac side (or are we already at parity on that particular feature? :wink: )

Do you really want to know the answer to that? :wink:

P.S. This is document briefly in the Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools introduction. Search would be for “word or character count” since it includes both.


I 've just registered to submit this question (or almost the same) and I discover this topic! So… please allow that i join :slight_smile:

The solution suggested by AmberV already is an excellent thing, but… access is not that intuitive and words and characters numbers shows bad under Windows system (in a very pale grey - see screenshot 1)

Would it be possible to rather implement a feature (via a shortcut?) which allows to open a dedicated pop-up, like in MS Word? (see screenshot 2)

I am also a journalist, so i use Scrivener to write my articles and such a feature would be very very very useful to me.

Many thanks for your attention (and your possible answer).
Cheers from France :slight_smile:

As noted earlier, we will be adding the feature as requested in the initial post, as a natural alternate mode in the footer bar, where statistics are already displayed. When you select text, those stats will switch to displaying the selected text stats in a different text colour to indicate what is going on. When you destroy the selection and go back to typing, it will seamlessly switch back to showing stats for the whole document.

There will also be a pop-up when you click on the stats—mainly to do some further calculations that would be slow to do in real-time (like excluding the stats from inline annotations and footnotes).

Thank you for your (so fast) clarifications, Amber!

It’s an excellent piece of news and i’m hurry to discover this next feature in Scrivener.

Cheers :slight_smile: