Word count includes annotations.

Certainly, a luxury, but it would be nice to have these filtered from the word count, since they probably will never be published anyway.


That is a good question. I omitted mentioning footnotes in this discussion, because I am pretty sure technical publishers include them in the total word count. I have never published anything technical or academic, so I wouldn’t know. But comments should definitely be ignored, or have an option to ignore them. Yay! Add more stuff to the Preferences Panel!

Well, you wanted inline annotations. :slight_smile: Each text keeps a running word count. Omitting the annotation word count from the word count would cause a considerable amount of extra processing. Certainly, you wouldn’t want this extra processing going on while you type, so it’s out of question for the live word count in the footer view. It might be possible for the statistics panel, though, although it would make it slower.