Word count includes header :(

Feature request: word count not counting the “First Page Header” - I was working on a piece that had a very narrow word count limit, 750 words, so every word counted. I wrote it in one scene, no problem, 748 words (yay!), but when I compiled it with <$wc> it reported 772 words. ACK???

Aha! My “First Page Header” was 25 words. Word count was including that and putting it on my compiled doc.

So, feature request: Word count to include only the words that matter :wink:

What do you mean by the first page header? As in header and footer? That doesn’t get counted. Or do you mean the title? In that case it’s difficult for Scrivener to know what should be included in a word count and what shouldn’t. If you let me know what actually got included that shouldn’t have, that would help.

Thanks! Happy New Year,

Hey Keith :slight_smile:

The default document/page that includes your name, contact info, word count, title of the story. Just seemed a shame that it would count towards your total word count since it wasn’t substantive to the document.

Meh, that’s why I posted it as a wish list item :slight_smile: (its good to have wishes!) I can understand that if it can’t be helped it can’t be helped, no worries. In my sleep deprived head, I guess I was dreaming of a checkbox that said something like “don’t include in word count” (with it checked by default for the first page header, and optional on other pages, like say if you wanted to add an intro quote to a section without it counting in your wc).

Off in search of coffee, which will hopefully make me a more lucid person :slight_smile:

Ah, I see what you mean now. I’ve added it to the list of things to look into for 2.0, though it may get pushed to a 2.x release given the number of things left to do.

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As always, you rock :slight_smile: And now I think I’ve met my quota of posts for the month/year, so time to muzzle myself on forums and get back to writing.

Happy New Year!

For the year? Really?

Come to think of it druid probably wishes Mr B would quota a few of us around here.

Here are two quick work-arounds:

If I was hawking a word count closely, I would take that header page document and uncheck ‘Include in Draft’ (in the Inspector). Then Project Statistics will not count the words in that document.

When it comes time to compile the final results, re-check that box, so the cover page gets included. That is the only time I would be wanting to compile that document into my output anyway.

If your project is short (e.g. 750 words) or can sensibly be broken into chunks of determinate length, just track the length of each document using the faithful document word count at the bottom of the editor.


GR -

Indeed, given the short nature of the piece, it was all in one scene file and easy to track for my word count usages. However, the pub I was sending it to wanted a formally formatted document submitted, up to and including <$wc> in the upper right of the title document. Hence my posting on here :slight_smile:

Ah, I get it.