Word Count Inflation

I just downloaded the latest updated, and my word count (on what had been a 3,300 word story) jumped up 200+ words to over 3500. The older number is more accurate, or at least it was close (maybe 20 or 30 words away) to MS Word’s count, as well as other word count tools that I’ve quickly checked that story with.


Where are you checking word count? The Project Statistics will most accurately reflect the word count of the compiled manuscript, so I’d take a look at your project’s compile settings to make sure they’re what you expect. If you’re looking at word count just for a selection, check the options in Project Statistics.

I have the same problem. For a Manuscript that was 77000 words I now I have 80500 words displayed at the bottom of the window when I select Manuscript. I think I know what is the reason of this BUG. Inside Project Statistic for Selection I still see the right number if I select Manuscript – 77000 words. But if in Projects Setting ->Options I uncheck “Exclude comments and annotations” I get the same number in Project statistics as I now see at the bottom of the Window – 80500 words.

Conclusion: after the update, Scrivener started adding Comments and Annotations to the word count at the bottom of the window even when it is explicitly asked not to do so!
To put it mildly, it is annoying. Please fix this problem.

The word count in the footer has always counted inline annotations and footnotes. For speed reasons, it counts all the text in the editor. Inspector comments and inspector footnotes are not included in the footer count. Project Statistics options treats comments and annotations as a single unit (likewise footnotes) and either excludes or includes them together, although there was a bug with this in a previous version where some were not being properly included/excluded, so possibly that’s where the confusion is coming in now. The Draft count in Statistics uses the compile settings, which can handle annotations and inspector comments separately.

I’ve checked my own documents. The problem that irenapas and I are having is that in the new version the footer word count now does include inspector comments. So, based on what you’ve said MM, it sounds like this change wasn’t intentional?

I had been aware that inline annotations were included in the word count in the past, and that was one of the differences that impacts how I have used inline annotations vs. inspector comments (inline annotations are issues that I will definitely address during the drafting process and so they will be removed).

Sorry, I was unable to reproduce it earlier when I was checking this, but I’ve got it now. I’ve filed the bug report. Thanks, guys!